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Reef Revolution

Reef Revolution is a local marine fish store located in Birmingham, Alabama. This store offers a large assortment of corals and salt water fish. **This store is reported to be OUT OF BUSINESS

2452 Old Springville Road
Birmingham, AL 35215

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Not Applicable

1.43 avg. rating (29% score) - 47 votes
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6 Reviews

  1. K Effar says:

    Arrogant and lacking the art of customer service. Will not receive my business or the business of any of my friends.

  2. Daniel Nelms says:

    Dead fish. Overpriced coral, water, and fish. Only thing decent about this place is there display. Was not worth the drive.

  3. Thomas Gaites says:

    I travel all over the southeast and this is one of the best shops I’ve seen. The health and selection of coral is astounding. They don’t keep much dry goods in because most people get them online now I guess. The 2 guys that own the shop are the most knowledgeable in the hobby I’ve met and I’ve been doing this for 22 years. I will be back.

  4. Allen Michaels says:

    Had a couple of nice corals. Fish dead in tanks, while they watched TV. I’d prefer not to be called “Bro”

  5. Chris says:

    Poor selection of fish, overpriced coral, no dry goods to speak of.

  6. Mike says:

    What a great shop. Reef revolution turned me into to the Orphek DF LED lights and they are awesome. Great knowledge and glowing corals, this is the best shop in Alabama.

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