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Alaska Coral Fanatics

Alaska Coral Fanatics in Alaska is primarily a saltwater store and offers a large variety of coral, live rock, and saltwater fish. They do however have a smaller selection of freshwater fish and plants.

639 West International Airport Road
Anchorage, AK 99518

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52 Reviews

  1. vikki simpson says:

    Come on people what is with the neg comments. I am in the store a lot. I have NEVER EVER been ignored. I have always been greeted and asked if I needed help with anything. The manager has always been great to work with. I have never had any negativity from him. All the staff is very knowledgeable. Whether I am picking my fish up at the store or having them shipped to me, I am always been given the best care. I have not had any problems with the fish. They are always good quality. I have purchased over 300 fish so if there was a problem with the fish I would be the FIRST to bitch. I have had a three die but SHIT HAPPENS. I had ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM getting a replacement when it happens. The whole staff as always gone above and beyond to make sure I am taken care of EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! Every person has a bad day now and then. I suggest to all of you to give them another try.

  2. Sarah Medeiros says:

    I’d like to address Deitta, I think that if Tim knew what happened with his manager he would make right on things with you guys. Please do not let a new manager ruin what Tim has built. Tim is one of the most down to earth and honest people I have met. I would choose to support him and his businness over saving a few dollars. His help and knowledge is invaluable and people like him should be rewarded not punished for anothers actions. I had an issue with my saltwater tank while my husband was out of town with work and when I went into the shop instead of just selling me new fish and corals and telling me how to fix it he came to my home and fixed the problems with my tank and gave me snails, shrimp and a few corals to try and test my tank and get it back to where it should be. He also took the time to clean my tank and fix other little things I did not know were a problem at no charge. This man went out of his way to make sure my tanks were taken care of. I will keep my business with Tim and his store as long as he is there.

  3. Deitta says:

    I used to LOVE this store. The owner is very knowledgeable and honorable. Unfortunately I just had the ABSOLUTE WORST case of customer service EVER from the self-touted “manager”.
    My husband bought over $150 worth of livestock for Christmas on the 24th. I got to watch 3 fish and a shrimp die in 24 hours of bringing them home. Please note that I am a fairly experienced tank keeper. 1) I did several dip tests prior to introducing the fish to ANY water. MY tests showed 0 NO2 and negligible NO3, all other parameters were within norm. We do large water changes, regularly test the water and replace filter media to keep water quality at the best. We have 3 fish that are each over 2 years old, and all are thriving. We have sponges, anemones, filter feeders, a small colony of zoas, crabs, snails and a breeding populace of starfish (2 different types). NONE of these have shown any signs of stress.
    I acclimated properly; opened the tops of the bags, set a timer for 15 mins and turned off the lights (LED) just to keep stress down. Every 15 mins I would add 1/4 cup of my tank water to the bags. Each time, prior and after I would watch the stock carefully for any signs of stress. There were none. After 75 minutes of this, I gently let the stock go into the least current and most private areas. The next two days I got to watch death happen. Merry Christmas to me! My husband went in the very next business day to ask about return policy due to death. From that moment on, it was all about blaming us. Talking about lighting as if we should put a blanket over the tank each night like we do for our bird. We came back with a water sample (after testing again!), I asked for the manager and was informed he was not in till Monday with a snarky smile (he recognized my husband). He told us we could “walk around a bit” while he tested the water. When he went to put the drops of solution to test for NO2, he turned his back so I could not see what he was doing despite there being a ledge specifically for them to do testing on. When I questioned his results he refused to retest where I could see the process and claimed my NO2 was off the chart bad. It became very clear that this dishonest “manager” was more invested in not having to own up to putting stock on the floor too soon after the shipment arrived than in keeping a long time customer happy. We had been fans, now I am so disgusted by the behavior being permitted to exist that I am warning everyone! I will admit I was so shocked and upset by this manager, that as I left the store I warned other customers not to buy here anymore. Save your money, if you are going to lose 66% of your purchase anyways… buy from a box store! Don’t support shady management who care more about the bottom line than the customers or reputation!

  4. Karen says:

    This is the perfect example of why supporting local is the best way to shop. Everyone I have had the pleasure of assisting me has been honest, knowledgeable, super helpful. It doesn’t matter if you have a 6 or a 600 gallon tank, their expertise will ensure your success! It is now my only source for aquatic products.
    Keep up the great passionate job!!

  5. yeng thao says:

    HI i was wondering when will you guy have more arowana shipped? How do you tell if an arowana is male or female?

  6. Tanner says:

    I was thinking my friend sold you guys some freshwater fish but I have a 35-40 gallon don’t know the precise size of it but I am gonna sell some freshwater fish to you and I am going to go from freshwater to salt water because of the awesome and colorful fish like the Mandarin Goby is my tank big enough? For a Mandarin and I don’t know that much about salt water so I need the basics

  7. Sarah Godfrey says:

    They have to be the most helpful aquarium people I have found. I was desperate for a T5 HO 10K 30″ bulb and they have been nothing but pleasant and helpful. Tim even offered to take in my coral if needed until I could find a new light! We need more LFS, heck just local stores in general, with their dedication and concern for their fellow hobbyists. I’ll happily drive from Big Lake to buy my supplies from them. I learn a lot from their staff each time I’m there, and I’m more than happy to spend my money in a store who truly cares for it’s patrons, human and aquatic.

  8. Tyler says:

    It absolutely breaks my heart that the first comment on this thread is such a negative one. Both of my beautiful salt-water tanks were started up with a tremendous amount of help from Tim and his staff at Coral Fanatics. They’re absolutely wonderful and I can’t imagine taking my business elsewhere. I’m actually on my way now to go pick up my new Copper Head! :-)

  9. David Brown says:

    I can really tell they love their fish! Ive been in the business before and I always enjoy talking to those that love what they do and these folks do! Great selection of HEALTHY stock. Very common to see sickly and starving fish in the chain stores. Not here!

    Only downside is the pricing on dry goods is a bit high on some stuff.

  10. Kyle M says:

    I saw the first post and was extremely disappointed it could be the first and only review read for a new customer to be turned away. I have been to this shop from the start of my saltwater tank and the start of its new location. While at sometimes they are very busy and you might have to wait up to 20 minutes I assure you if you are looking in to getting a salt water tank expect way more of a wait just to get the ecosystem set up. Tim is awesome and has never tried to make an extra buck off me which is rare in Alaska local businesses. He has helped so many times because as he will tell you he would rather see a healthy correct saltwater tank then turn a profit. Thanks for reading and happy holidays.

  11. Dan says:

    I just noticed that Alaska Coral Fanatics was featured on the front page “Inside ASD” an Anchorage School District produced publication. The article speaks about the donations of coral/fish to West Anchorage High School’s marine biology department at the school. While I don’t own an aquarium, I just wanted to say hats off for donating to an educational cause in the community and if I am ever am in the market for some fish, this is where I will be shopping.

  12. Anna Adams says:

    I have been keeping fresh water aquariums for the last 40 years. I have been thinking about getting a salt water set up and have read hours of information on the internet. Ive always hesitated to get into saltwater because it seemed overwhelming. Tim and his store changed that for me. Im starting my first saltwater aquarium and Im having a ball. I love Alaska Coral Fanatics. You can see from the high level of care that he gives his aquariums and by how healthy his fish are that he really cares about what he is doing. I’ve been to a lot of fish stores in my time and I can tell you from genuine experience that Tim’s store is a rare find. If you go to the store and they are so busy that they can’t get to you right away, just enjoy the fish. A true enthusiast could spend hours in there just looking. I have always been treated like a valued customer when I have been in there. Im so glad that we have a place like Alaska Coral to go to. Tim is just a wealth of information and he knows his hobby and more important, he is willing to share his knowledge and answer all our queries for us. So, if you have any doubts go check the store out for yourself. Its awesome.

  13. James Demolina says:

    All I know is that Alaska coral fanatics helped me build two fantastic aquariums for my school, a project so impossible no one had attempted it in over 30 years. The tanks are beautiful, their advice has never been wrong, and they have always worked hard to give great ideas about tanks and bring those ideas to life. In the time I volunteered at the store I realized how much everyone there knows, it’s a conglomeration of genius people. Thank you so much AK Fanatics!

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