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The Coral Reef

The Coral Reef in Stratford, Connecticut is a saltwater fish store. This fish aquarium hobby shop has a selection of salt water corals, exotic fish and quality reef tank supplies. Tank setups and maintenance services are also available.

Store Address:
2505 Main Street
Stratford, CT 06615

Phone Number:
(203) 908-3133

Email Address:


Store Hours:
Monday-Saturday 10:00am – 7:00pm
Sunday 10:00am – 5:00pm

3.57 avg. rating (71% score) - 7 votes
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5 Reviews

  1. Howie says:

    Was so excited when I first saw this store, but what jerks. Businesses have to make money, take nothing away from them. But these guys only see dollar signs. You will see this quickly. I spent 2k with them and they still charge $5 for water. The quality of fish they get is equal to petco. They look prettier, but they are just from local distributors. Over two months we bought 6 fish, all died within 2 weeks but one. You can say I don’t know how to care for fish, but they did maintenance. And they openly say after fish death that they don’t guarantee anything. Had a $250 antheus last two days.. What a joke. They guarantee nothing, and no good will. When they do maintenance calls, they exaggerate time, and it’s all corporate .

    The only thing they do well is show up when they are supposed to. But again, that gets them paid. So much better stores, at half the price.

  2. The Coral Reef, LLC says:

    Thank you to all our valued customers we appreciate your business and good wishes. We wanted to make a comment that even a healthy fish can carry the ich parasite. If a fish becomes stressed it doesn’t allow them to fight off the parasite. Our fish system is medicated so ich would not come from our system. We instruct all customers at time of purchase about our water, how to acclimate the fish and ask if they have questions. Additionally, our staff is here to answer any questions on tank parameters and acclimation methods. Our recommendation is to properly drip fish when you get them home or put in a quarantine tank.
    And for prices, our prices are hands down competitive or lower than most online and retail stores — so we welcome all to come see for yourselves. We look forward to meeting you! The Coral Reef Team!

  3. tom says:

    This store is nice but very over priced and all the fish from there died and got ich and it spread all over the tank so im just trying to save you some money with this comment.

  4. M&M says:

    What a beautiful store!! Everything you need to create the perfect underwater habitat. The staff is professional and knowledgeable. The best fish and aquarium supply store in the area!!

  5. Mel & Carol K says:

    What a great asset to the salt water aquarist. The store is very clean and the owner is very knowledgeable in the art of keeping Reef Tanks. The livestock is awesome be it fish or corals. The displays have different LED fixtures that you can compare the output side by side along with an explanation of different options that they are only too happy to explain to you.

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