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Allfish Emporium

Allfish Emporium in Tamarac Florida is the largest aquarium retail store in North America. They offer a selection of aquariums, aquarium supplies, a variety of live fish and corals.

6820 North University Drive
Tamarac, FL 33321

Phone Number:



Store Hours:
Monday–Saturday 10:00am – 9:00pm
Sunday 10:00am – 7:00pm

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4 Reviews

  1. AJ Perko says:

    This store has really gone downhill, nothing but an oversized Pet Supermaket now. Apparently, they recently downsized their staff and released most of the knowledgeable people. (probably because they made a dollar or two more) Long wait times and a mundane selection of the same old fish you find anywhere now. I used to love this place, poor management now. They think that cutting manpower is an easier answer than increasing revenues I guess……….

  2. Maggie says:

    We started a saltwater tank almost a year ago, and had maybe 3 fish die at the start but nothing else had died. We decided that we wanted to put sand instead of the pebbles we had so we figured we would do everything over. The sell saltwater there so we decided we would use that since we still had live fish. We ask a lot of questions cuz saltwater tanks are tricky to say the least. We asked a young women that works there what pump system works the best and she gave use what she thought and noted to us that she uses it an has no problem. So we decide to get that. We also said we wanted to get water from there because we were doin the tank from scratch and I myself asked her if it was safe to put my fish that I had in the water as soon as we put it in the tank. She told us to let them float like you would new fish and yes put them in. She once again told us that she has never had a problem with putting her fish into the water right from the store. So we did that put our fish in their new home. Then my mother an father in law went with use and we all picked out almost 1000 dollars of fish and coral. How bout the next day a fish was dead one of the new ones so we thought maybe it was sick because our old fish was still alive. Nope not the case next day another we go back get our water tested a guess what thw ammonia was out the roof. So we get the stuff to fix it told the guy what we had be told an guess what he tells us this is not the first time she has done this. He told us our tank should have sat a week before fish. So a week later all my fish an almost all the coral. An salt water fish isnt able to get replace an we knw that, that is why I asked her that question to begin with….so 1000 dollars down the drain on a beautiful fish tank because I was giving the wrong information. So if I was u I would find some other fish store. Come tomorrow I will be in there to see a manager an ask why he has employees working for him that do not know the right information. I believe that saltwater fish stores should have a top notch staff that knows what they need to know for a successful saltwater tank

    • John Argenson says:

      It sounds like $1000 dollars down the drain because you didn’t take 10 minutes to do some research. That is common sense, no one spends $1000 before at least reading 1 sentence about something. How ignorant to just blame it on someone else. There is no excuse for ignorance these days with the internet and wikipedia. I mean come on just google saltwater tanks and read one paragraph before spending $1000. How embarassing

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