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Aquatic N Exotic

Aquatic N Exotic is a local fresh & salt water fish store located in Stuart, Florida. They carry a selection of saltwater fish, freshwater fish, invertebrates, live rock, corals, plants and supplies. Also available is a variety of reptiles, spiders and exotic animals.

1525 SE Luckhardt Street
Stuart, FL 34994

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One Review

  1. Shocked Customer says:

    To whom ever may read this review. I am sad to write this, but I want others to be warned from my unpleasant experience with AquaticnExotic. I am new to the area, and had found their store. I visited their store twice in two days spending well over $200 on some supplies and fish. On my 2nd trip I purchased two fish. I took them home very excited with my purchase. Well within one hour that excitement quickly turned to sadness. While acclimating the fish to the new tank, still in the plastic bag from the store, I noticed one of the fish was upside down. I at first didnt think too much of it because sometimes fish lay on their side from the stress of being moved. I quickly learned it wasnt that at all. This poor fish had passed away within and hour and a half of getting it home. It never made it in my tank, and was still in the bag from the store. I tested the water from the store and the PH was WELL below 7.8. I was shocked. I quickly called aquoticNexotic but it was afterhours, so I left a message. I dont know what happened but the PH is what I believed was the death of this poor fish. Well I called the store first thing the next morning at 10am sharp and I spoke to the owner. He had a careless attitude to my recent event and I was quite upset. The fish alone cost $50, and the owner just said, “sorry there is nothing I can do. I mean I can give a little discount if you want to buy another fish. 25% off.” Im sorry, but that is an insult. I just spent over $200 at your store, and was well on my way of being a long term customer and they couldn’t even consider what happened to be an issue on their behalf at all. I have an established tank with 5 other well living fish, but again, this fish never made it to the tank. I am not here to hurt their business, I know everyone has bills and needs an income, but this is not how you treat customers, in my opinion. I wish I would have just ordered my fish online.

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