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Club Green Aquatics

Club Green Aquatics is a freshwater only fish store located in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. This fish shop offers a variety of freshwater fish, invertebrates and live plants.

Club Green Aquatics
316 N Mission Street, Suite C
Mount Pleasant, MI 48858

Store Hours:
Monday-Sunday 9:00am – 5:15pm

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3 Reviews

  1. Jon H. says:

    Great store, I’ve gotten some good discus here.

  2. Olivia k says:


  3. Liam B. says:

    Awesome store! The owner is bursting with knowledge and customer service is amazing. He will find oddball, unusual, and wild caught fish and bring them into the shop just for you. The bettas have beautiful flowing silk fins and unusual colors. I went into the store once and there were amazing koi angels with a BRILLIANT orange colour. And the discus are the best in Michigan! Visit this store, it will be worth your visit!

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