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Monfort Aquarium

Monfort Aquarium and Pet Shop is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. This fish shop offers freshwater and saltwater products and has a selection of corals, fish, and live plants.

Store Address:
6520 Colerain Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45239

Phone Number:


Store Hours:
Monday-Friday 10:00am – 8:00pm
Saturday 10:00am – 5:30pm
Sunday 12:00pm – 4:30pm

3.25 avg. rating (66% score) - 4 votes
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3 Reviews

  1. Joe says:

    I drive over an hour every few weeks to go to Monfort. They have the best selection of healthy fish and plants around. I always know that I am taking a risk buying fish, and I have never taken advantage of any store’s fish guarantee, so it doesn’t bother me that Monfort does not guarantee any fish that’s over $5. They are a small business and they know that the fish, especially saltwater, are delicate and if you’re just getting into the hobby or haven’t cycled your tank properly, etc. you could easily kill the fish. I like the selection that Monfort has and they’re much friendlier and knowledgeable than the kids that work at the chains or the other LFS around Cincinnati.

  2. Tammy lee says:

    Montfort is the best place around. They are very knowledgable and helpful. Great information for someone just starting out. Five stars hand down for montfort!

  3. Joshua Lundgren-Dolan says:

    I had a good experience while at the store, however, I think that one thing should be pointed out. Out of the five fish that I purchased, one died within the first three days. As all the other fish were doing absolutely fine, including one that was the same variety (siamesis to be exact), I called the store to check on what their policy regarding such situations was. I was rudely told “tough luck”; they had a dead fish policy of twenty-four hours. As I said, all other fish were doing completely fine leading me to reasonably suspect that the fish was sick or defective. I am upset that Monfort refuses to acknowledge this loss. I think it is important for everyone who shops there to beware and shop with caution for once you leave the store you are on your own! Other stores have much better policies and are much more confident to stand behind their product.

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