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Aquarium Oddballs

Aquarium Oddballs in a saltwater fish store in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This fish shop also has freshwater items to go along with tropical fish, corals, plants, and more.

6115 E 31st Street
Tulsa, OK 74135

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10 Reviews

  1. Toni says:

    I have spent hundreds and hundreds of $$ here and still can’t get it right. Now I’m sad to say I’m giving up and selling my tank. I can’t afford to restock and have them all keep dying and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I read different theories on the net but I don’t know which one to believe. I tried asking while at your shop a couple of times but I felt like I was bothering you. I’d start to say something and you just kept walking away. I know you all stay really busy and I used to think this is the only place I am going to get fish but if I can’t keep them alive anyway then I might as well just go to the dreaded PetSmart and have just as much luck. I have an empty 56 gallon tank now and can’t afford to buy more to restock and no heart to take the chance they will just all die again :*(

  2. Linda Deal says:

    I enjoy shopping at Aquarium Oddballs because I know I’m going to get good stock at nice prices. And the owner is friendly and patient with me.

  3. ChristyW says:

    I recently discovered this place and had no idea what I was missing! This will be my go-to aquarium shop from now on! The selection and prices were much better than the shop I use. Thanks for a great experience and great customer service!

  4. jackie says:

    scott is awesome! always helpful. great prices.

  5. james says:

    i was very disappointed yesterday when i went by to get some salt. i have a muscular disorder that causes me to twitch. as i was trying to tell the young man working there i also needed a light another man walked in and i was very quickly forgotten about. lesson is not everyone that has a twitch is on drugs but maybe just needs a little extra time. i forgive him because ive gotten use to it but cant say ill go back.

    • Aquarium Odballs (Scott T owner) says:

      First of all James I/we owe you a HUGE apology.And after that we all need to say sorry about this incident after the 1st apology !! I am Scott Tracy (the owner) along with my better half Jena Wolcott and our kids.
      I will never make a excuse for this type of customer treatment,and in about 99.99 % of the time you will NEVER see this type of failure in the way we really strive to treat ALL of our customers and have since day one.
      If you would seriously please call me at the shop(918-831-0099) or better yet come by I would really like to try and make up for how things happened.We had a ruff mid Summer till late Summer because of employee shortages,but that is no excuse !!
      Hope to hear from you,Scott Tracy Owner and Operator of Aquarium Oddballs and one time more so sorry !!

      • Aquarium Odballs (Scott T owner) says:

        The new Cihlids we have been getting in are off the wall(75% MALAWIS,20%Tangys and some oddballs from other spots.
        Tons.. Call me at the shop for a new list !! If you are interested. Scott.

  6. Ben says:

    We drive 4 hours to shop there, we may be a bit crazy but their cichlid selection is really good. They even get a few wild caught in stock.

  7. Sarah says:

    This is a great store. The owner and staff are very knowledged and willing to help at every step. He has great prcing and deals. No matter what you are looking for from fish, corals, and even supplies it can be found here. I went to a number of stores when aquiring my first reef aquarium, and have stayed loyal to Oddball. He is very staright foreward and informational.

  8. Jack says:

    Great store large selection of both salt and fresh water fish and a very large selection of corals and I think some of the best prices in Tulsa.

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